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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Lorax by Dr.Seuss. A MUST see.

Movie Review: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss!

If you'd like to watch the trailer before reading my thoughts on the movie, check it out below!

The Lorax - Danny DeVito
The Once-Ler -Ed Helms
Ted - Zac Efron
Audrey - Taylor Swift
Grammy Norma - Betty White
Mr. O'Hare (Bad Guy)- Rob Riggle

My Thoughts:

Since I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone I won't really talk about details but more about the moral of the story. This movie is the BEST (only) animated movie I have seen since Tangled by Disney (I adore Rapunzel).
I don't want to spoil the movie at ALL for anyone, I really do think that everyone should go WATCH the movie! I laughed, I cried and I was reminded that no matter how small someone is, with a lot of passion that one person can make a difference. Of course everyone knows that Dr. Seuss movie's are the absolute best, but this one was really wonderful. The message of this movie was just absolutely realistic and behind all the amazing animations and adorable plot, the message was loud and clear.
I just can't express how beautiful this movie was!

Grade: A+
Worth to get on DVD: YES!
Actors/Voices: A+

I just ADORED this movie, everyone should seriously go watch it!

I hope you all enjoyed this short but fun blog post, I didn't want to spoil the movie and that's why I didn't talk about the plot but everyone should watch The Lorax, it's really a MUST SEE!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Week in Music

Alrighty guys!

This is a segment I'm seriously stoked about starting up. It'll be a frequent blog post about what's new in music this week, whether it be someone topping the charts or a new album hitting stores. I'm also going to be pretty widespread about the music I pick, covering artists from different genre's so that I can...satisfy everyone's musical cravings. ;)

Alright, so, let's get down to business. This week in music...

John Mayer released his new single Shadow Days on March 6th.
The Good: His lyrics stay true to his heartwrenching, disastrously beautiful older tunes. Seriously, tears are still probable, and mostly guaranteed
The Bad: This song takes on a more country feel, and if you're not into country, I can guess this song won't be to your liking. Or I could be wrong.
My Review: John Mayer has managed to do something only great artists can do: he's gone a completely different route without changing exactly who he is. 5 stars.

Fireflight's new album Now hits #1 on iTunes Christian and Gospel charts. (I know what you're all thinking, but just read the review...their music isn't just for God lovers. Trust me.)
The Good: The songs are fresh yet somewhat familiar. The single "Escape" is just brilliant.
The Bad: Unbreakable and For Those Who Wait, when compared to this new album, definitely top it.
My Review: Fireflight is a band most people won't even bother to look at because they assume this music is for people who solely worship God. Well, they're WRONG. Fireflight is a killer rock band with deep meaning behind all their lyrics. For those of you who haven't heard any of their music and are willing to open your ears to something new, the two albums I mentioned are the way to go. If you're a fan of anything like Evanescence, Skillet, or Shiny Toy Guns, go. GO NOW. 4 stars.

Notable mentions and rec's:

  • Indie/Alternative lovers take a whack at Andrew Bird's new album Break It Yourself
  • Mind.In.A.Box. has recently hit iTunes electronic charts based on their new album. I wouldn't recommend it, but fans of electronic and trance will enjoy. (I think...you should check out the songs "8 Bits" and "Change" from previous album releases)
  • Norah Jones' new album is now open to being pre-ordered on iTunes. Jazz lovers, RUN.

Love to hear what you guys think about the post. Hit us up!